Childcare agency in Christchurch: The Nanny Company
Childcare agency in Christchurch: The Nanny Company

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We believe young children are best cared for in home settings. Children receive a quality education when they are confident in their environment and have a consistent nanny who knows them, their family and communities well. Finding the perfect nanny for the right family is imperative. The nanny needs to be highly skilled and able to capture the simple moments of learning, teaching the natural way children learn. The nanny should reflect on their practices with children and be well supported with a trained mentor. Nanny’s should have knowledge of the children’s strengths and areas to develop, so they can plan and extend children’s learning. They need to be kept up to date with current ‘best practice’ in early childhood education. The children’s learning journey should be well documented, shared and celebrated with the child and significant others. Nurturing meaningful relationships with all stakeholders is paramount to achieving good outcomes for children. For current nanny roles and to find out what support and professional development we can offer you please visit


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