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Hey my name is Rebecca and I am 23 years old. I have recently graduated as a primary school teacher and have worked with children for the past 4 and a half years. I am currently completing my honours in teaching this year. DuringI was an au pair for a family whose children went to the school I worked at. I am looking for babysitting jobs during the summer as well as this year. I am a friendly,..

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  • November 2018 Kathy is a Family member

    Becky is a qualified teacher and has a number of years experience working within schools in South Africa, whilst teacher training, developing her knowledge of child development and skill in managing children. She has looked after our 8 year old son for us on occasion and he always enjoys her company and loves spending time with her. She is trustworthy, reliable, kind and connects with him really well. I would highly recommend Becky to anyone looking for a warm, friendly and experienced childcare provider.

  • November 2018 Cynthia is a Family member

    It’s a great privilege to write a reference for my niece, Rebecca Tiedt. We are so very proud of Rebecca having completed her degree in Foundation Phase teaching in June 2018.

    Rebecca is a wonderful gentle and caring young lady and adores young children. She is very kind, communicative, and trustworthy. Rebecca has been caring for young children for a number of years and has always been tremendously responsible. Children have always enjoyed their time spent with Rebecca as she always interacts and spends time with them.

    Furthermore, she has consistently showed enthusiasm, attention to detail, and compassion in everything she does.

    Rebecca has worked with children of different ages, abilities, and learning styles, and has brought her vast patience and empathy, as well as her communication and organizational skills, to a variety of child care settings. I believe Rebecca’s experience will make her an ideal candidate for Babysits.

    Should you require any further information in this regard, please contact me.

    Cynthia Ellwood (Mrs)

  • November 2018 Wendi Tiedt is a Family member

    Rebecca, fondly known as Becky, has grown into a kind, gentle, caring, level-headed and loyal young woman. Her love for children is evident in her interactions as she listens attentivley to them, meets them on their particular level of understanding, is sensitive to thier needs, which makes them feel valued. She's caring and gentle in her response but able to set boundaries when required. Becky has worked as an aupair whilst studying which entailed her fetching her young charges from school, preparing lunch for them (one had quite specific dietary needs), assisting with homework and taking them to extra cirricular activities. Becky has also looked after and cared for her younger cousins, playing with them and keeping them entertained. She loves to read and used this skill well with children/her cousins as she reads to them and has interesting discussions with them around the story they read. I know she would be an assest to any family who required her services as she's responsible and loyal in her approach to any position she's held during her studies. Please contact me for any further information required.

  • November 2018 Lara is a Friend

    Miss Tiedt has been a volunteer at the school that I work at as a Grade 2 class teacher and intern mentor, in Hillcrest South Africa. She is hardworking and dedicated and always willing to go the extra mile to help her colleagues. She has a lovely rapport with the children and they respond to her calm, postive and enthusiastic manner. She has a really good understanding of children and much natural gifting in her work with them. I would highly recommend her for work that involves children's care and teaching, I wish her much success in all her new adventures. She is an asset to any teaching institution. Please contact me should you need any further information. Kindest regards, Lara

  • November 2018 Vincent is a Family member

    Rebecca is a responsible young lady who has been baby sitting/ aupair for several years . She has taken care of children in their home , ensured their schoolwork is completed, and the children are fed and transported them to afternoon extra carricular activititys and taken care of their immediate needs and safety in a very caring manner. I have seen all children in her care respond in a positive manner to Rebecca. I would highly reccomend Rebecca in all areas of childcare


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