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Hello, our names are Kellie & Thomas, we are looking for a sitter for our 17 month year old girl, Layla. As we have no family in the area, we are looking to get Layla familiar with someone else. And as we have another baby due in late July, we are hoping that around the due date and following months you would be able to spend more time with her. Layla is a lovely little girl, very smiley and loves attention and new things! She is starting to get her independence now that she is toddling around, and enjoys playing with a wide range of toys and anything else she finds! (including our Labrador and cat, both of whom are very friendly) Layla is a good eater, but again, likes to keep things interesting, so daily meals can vary from day to day. We would like to start with 3-4 hours a week to begin with to get Layla used to another carer. And assuming all goes well, we would like to make those hours longer. Many thanks, Kellie, Thomas & Layla.

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March 2020

I met this wonderful family for an introduction, they have been easy to contact and very friendly. The little girl Layla is a very sweet darling with a gorgeous big smile I look forward to getting t... Read more


Babysitting job in Lower Moutere, Tasman District, Tasman

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