Hello, I'm Angellica!

URGENTLY needing Fun, Patient, Flexible Babysitters Wanted!! STARTING ASAP - ONGOING (Whitby, Porirua)

Hi all,

I have 2 bright, bubbly kiddies. I have an 9yo girl who loves to talk and play computer games, and a 6yo boy who is very energetic and loves to move! 6yo needs a bit of extra help every now and then, and does well with carers who are patient, engaging and who have a sense of humour.

I work a 24/7 on-call roster so desperately need someone to help with the kids' school pick-ups in the afternoons; give kids afternoon snack; help with homework, and pretty much just play & have fun until either myself, husband or my mother arrive home (Whitby) from work between & 6:15pm. Rosters will be updated weekly, although I do tend to get called in to work at short notice and therefore need you to be able to care for the kids at short notice also, if it falls on an unrostered day.

We live near the kids' school, so the playground is close by.

First Aid/Knowledge of ASD all helpful bonuses, but not essential.

Full licence, patience and flexibility with pick-ups essential (my shifts are on-call) 😉.

Look forward to meeting you soon 👍

You can contact me via private message on here.


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  • May 2018

    Ange is a nice, helpful woman. The children are very talkative and friendly(:

    Edit: We've been with this family for a few terms now and so have gotten to know the children a bit more. They are very caring, thoughtful, sympathetic, inquisitive, creative children. Angellica and her mum Lola feel familiar and are always kind. There is obviously a lot of love between them all.

    Comment December 2018

    Thanks Chanelle! We miss you so much. Come and visit when you are next in town x


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