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Good day, our little girl is very active for a 23month old and she loves to play and walk around. We live on a lifestyle block with heaps of room, we have all kinds of entertainment, radio, XBox, arts and crafts and heaps more..... We are looking for a sitter that is available from today till the end of the lockdown to help with taking care of her while Dad support Mom as we await and receive her new baby sister. The hospital will not allow any under 15year olds due to the COVID19 lockdown and Daddy needs to help Mommy. We understand that this means that who ever we get - 1- is healthy and has been so and haven’t done any travelling nor been in contact with any travellers 2- can come to an affordable arrangement as we are all with out income for the lockdown 3- is willing to live with us and roll with this very busy and always moving household 4- be willing to eat what we eat, we a kosher diet in our house, healthy and clean we are hoping to find someone ASAP... If you can help, please get in touch. Thank you, Mom and Dad

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Babysitting job in Sanson, Manawatu District, Manawatu-Wanganui

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