Hello, I'm Dee!

Mum of two awesome humans! Aged 6 and 5. My 6 year old is a beautiful boy and has ASD, he is funny, quirky and loves to laugh. My daughter is very mature and will hold a decent chin wag regarding hair and makeup. I'm looking for a reliable baby sitter for saturday nights from 7pm till 3am sunday when I return home from work.

(Or the kids to sleep over at your house till lunch time sunday if it is suitable for them)

Currently pay up to $80 for this so only apply if you fit the criteria, are happy with price and have read my entire profile thanks.

Also when i have intensive classes at Uni, I would require you to be at my place for a few hours on one or two weekdays in the evening while i have night class. You would need to collect kids from after school care and give them dinner.

I want someone who is over 18 with a licence, car and has some experience with ECE and/or ASD. References are not essential but good for me to see. Thanks

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  • October 2018

    Such a lovely family! Dee was great to communicate with, and the kids were fantastic. They were easy to get along with, and listened to instructions really well. Overall I had a great time looking after the children.

  • September 2018

    Amazing family. Very respectful children, great at listening and following instructions.
    These 2 kids are awesome and lots of laughs. Hopefully we will still keep in touch as they are very easy to get attached to.

  • May 2018

    I have been baby sitting for Dee for the last 4 months and she has been lovely and easy to get along with. Her children are very well mannered and love to have lots of fun. Her daughter loves to draw and make up stories with me at bedtime, while her son loves a good old McDonald song here and there. Beautiful family and would continue to baby sit them if I wasn't moving away.

4 References

  • June 2018 Elisabeth is a Friend

    Dee is a wonderful mother and person. She is friendly and easy to get along with, I have never had a bad experience with her. Her children are amazing and love story telling and singing. They are lively, cheeky, playful and respectful. I have baby sat for her many times and it has always been a pleasure. I highly recommend Dee and highly recommend baby sitting for her 2 children. They are all such beautiful people inside and out.

  • January 2018 Elly is a Friend

    Dee is a fantastic, kind caring mother. She is inspirational. I have know Dee for 4 Years now, she works hard and is always positive. Dee successfully completed her degree through AUT whilst being a single mum of two beautiful children. She balanced this very well, putting a lot of energy into her children taking them to experience extra curriculum activities, such as swimming and horse ridding. Her children are very well behaved, educated and have great social skills. They have kind hearts and respect adults and kids. Mikere needs extra support due to him being autistic, however this does not hold him back in achieving his goals. I often spend time with the kids and they are a pleasure to be around. Dee wants the best for her kids and always puts their happiness and health first. Anybody would be lucky to know Dee and her two children, they deserve the best care.

  • January 2018 Kimberly is a Friend

    I have known Dee and her children for nearly 4 years. I was her son’s teacher at the early education centre he attended and also as a respite carer for him. Dee is a wonderful mother who is committed to ensuring that her children have the best childhood. She is responsible, hardworking, trustworthy and easy to communicate with so I would not hesitate in recommending her to work with.

  • January 2018 Kim is a Family member

    Hi, I'm writing a reference for Dee Rewi. She is my daughter and one of the best mums I've ever known. There is no length she won't go to for the health and wellbeing of her children. Dee is a very devoted mother. She studies and works while raising 2 young children on her own (one of which has autism) and still finds time to take them to the beach, up the mount, horse riding, dance and shopping. She lives 100% for her children.
    Mikaere is Dee's oldest child. Sure he's Autistic but he is a very bright, friendly, caring and empathetic young boy who loves to play, ride his bike, ride his pony at the RDA and swim. He is a very well behaved little boy who loves to please.
    And now Miss Nayvia. When I think of Nayvia I think tutu's and gunboats, I think nail polish and mud pies. She is quite the contradiction. She's bright and funny with an awesome sense of humour, she loves to dance and sing and is no less empathetic than her brother.
    I would love to take care of these two but unfortunately I live too far away to do so but I envy the person who does get to work with this young family. As mother and grandmother to this young family I can honestly say what an honour and a privilege it is to be so.


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