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Kia ora. Our son is starting school 1st of June and we are looking for someone to help us out in the mornings from 7.45am to finish off getting kids ready (5 year old and 2.5) and drop our son at school no earlier than 8.30am and also our daughter to daycare. We would also want our son picked up when school finishes at 3pm and then come home with him for an hour/hour and a half max. If it works out we may also get our daughter picked up to. We would be looking for someone to do this 3 days a week to help us out as we're both working fulltime. It would be roughly 1.5 hours of work each morning 3 days a week and then 1-2 hours every afternoon. We would want someone who is experienced, passionate with kids, energetic. Our kids speak and understand te reo māori so this would be a bonus if someone spoke māori but not essential. We will offer a fair and rewarding wage and cover petrol costs as it would be doing us a great benefit. Would need own car too. ngā mihi

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Babysitting job in Wellington, Wellington City, Wellington

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