Stories from the Babysits community

Babysits is great for babysitters like me that don't necessarily want to babysit regularly. As it's free for babysitters, I can always check the website for jobs in my area and only react to those that I'm really interested in. This allows me to provide a better service for parents and also a more enjoyable experience for the children!

Olivia, Auckland

Babysits has definitely changed the game for me as I can now find trustworthy babysitters at a moment's notice. The Babysits community is also very helpful and reliable, and the transparency means that I'm never disappointed. I recommend this website to all parents as you now have the opportunity to find skilled babysitters in a matter of minutes!

Peter, Auckland

Babysits is the go-to place for finding babysitting jobs. I have the mobile app on my phone so I can message parents back right away, which means that I can always find jobs on the day that I want them. A lot of my friends are also on Babysits so that means that we can find babysitting jobs in the same area and travel there together!

Louise, Tauraga

Babysits is a great tool for parents looking for childcare and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. With the vast array of options and the handy notification system, it's so easy to find babysitters that match your needs!

Emilia, Queenstown