Stories from the Babysits community

I had never babysat before creating my account on Babysits, but this was not a problem for me in finding babysitting jobs. The Babysits community is great and really helpful! I followed the tips on the website and managed to find myself some great jobs with families in my area that worked out well for everyone involved. I recommend this website for anybody looking for a babysitting job, even if you don't have experience!

Harry, Wellington

Babysits is a great tool for parents looking for childcare and I would definitely recommend it to other parents. With the vast array of options and the handy notification system, it's so easy to find babysitters that match your needs!

Emilia, Queenstown

Babysits has provided me with an amazing amount of work that I am very grateful for. I have had the privilege of assisting many awesome families and will continue to use babysits in the future. I have recommended babysits to many of my friends who are also active users of this service. There really are options to suit everyone!


When I started at university, I wanted to continue with babysitting because I love children and the flexibility of the job means that I can focus on my studies. I found that it was quite hard to find families to babysit for when I moved from home, which is when I found Babysits. I have been happily using it ever since to find babysitting jobs, and have recommended it to all of my friends.

Mary, Queenstown