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My name is Georgia and I've just finished year 13 at Bethlehem College. I love kids of all ages and have previously baby sat for friends children ranging from 6 months old to 6 years old. I love playing games with kids, especially reading stories and playing with them at parks.

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  • November 2018 Marcella is a Friend

    To whom it may concern,

    I first met Georgia at Bethlehem Baptist Church when I performed the role as Youth Pastor/ Youth Coordinator. She came as year 11 student to check out what was going on, and instantly got my attention. Soon she became part of the heart and soul of our ministry, guiding her peers to find self worthy and joy as they go through difficult times. "How caring she is", agreed the youth leaders. And despite her young age, Georgia seemed a quite mature.
    Not long after, motherhood welcomed me with a fantastic boy! Working full time and having no relatives around when needed that extra help, became increasingly hard. That's when Georgia became no longer a "youth on my ministry" but an extension of me. Yes, that's what best describe her.
    She has a strong ability to observe people offering support according to their way of doing things, specially parenting.
    On top of that, Georgia has a strong and loving way of talking to young ones and I found that Leo (my super cute toddler) responds beeeeautifully to it. It is all he needs, someone how speaks with confidence and have loads of love to offer.
    She still looks after Leo in a casual basis, basically doing whatever I ask! However, I found Leo is more benefited by spending time with her, rather than doing household work. I am sure she would be great on giving me a hand with the house duties, but suffering severe separation anxiety Leo struggles under other people's care and (by a miracle?!) Georgia instantly bonded with Leo, which is great for his confidence and brain development. He finds easy to hold her hands, spend one on one time with her, and even going to the park. He has never even cried under her care (I know, that is massive).
    Georgia is also very sensitive to the needs of my boy and she is comfortable on providing affectionate care, which our family is all about.
    Saying Georgia is a gem is an understatement! Georgia is pure sunshine who has an unique self light combined with the most beautiful manners and care for others.
    I am confident on recommend Georgia, believing that any family would be benefited by having her around. And I am pretty sure that not only bubs and children, but also mothers and father would be greatly blessed by having her around.

    Kind regards,

    Marcella Moradei

    Note: Adaptable, Georgia would be great on any family setting. But considering she had a privileged upbringing, I wonder if ones appreciative of worldwide culture, good manners and fine education would be more benefited by her knowledge and skills.

  • November 2018 Joel is a Friend

    very very good with my daughter, i don't trust many people with my little one but Georgia i would recommend to any one and one of the very few i trust with my daughter, A++++


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