Student jobs - Why babysitting is one of the best

Student jobs - Why babysitting is one of the best

By Babysits
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Are you struggling with your student job search? Babysitting can be a fantastic part time job for students! Take a our top reasons why babysitting is the perfect side hustle for students.

Why is babysitting the perfect student job?

There are plenty of qualities that make babysitting a perfect part time job for students. Some main characteristics that make babysitting a great side hustle for students are the flexibility and control of your schedule, being your own boss, and enjoyable job atmosphere.

Babysitting as a student has generally flexible hours or schedules

As a babysitter, you can plan your schedule around when you have classes, need to study, or want to socialise with friends.

Generally, babysitting can be rather flexible as to when you need to work. Prefer to work only weekends? You’re sure to find a family that needs a babysitter then!

This makes a big difference when you have to think about combining job responsibilities with responsibilities of studying, such as writing a thesis, working on projects, or participating in lectures.

Be your own boss, babysitting as a student side hustle

Related to the flexibility of hours, generally babysitting gives students an opportunity to be their own boss. You can take responsibility for what hours you want to work, when and where. Simply put, these are choices you can make for yourself when looking for a babysitting job and discussing job requirements with potential families.

Enjoyable work atmosphere

Generally, babysitting isn’t the most high pressure side job. Rather it can be really fun to hang out with and take care of kids! Certainly, it depends on the job and the children, and at the end of the day, you do have the significant responsibility of taking care of a vulnerable loved one, but it can also involve playing games with them and doing fun activities together.

So, the balance of responsibility and fun atmosphere can be a welcome break from the structure and stress of academia.

You can make a big difference in a child’s life

One huge factor, along with the responsibility and enjoyable atmosphere, is the social good that you are doing! At the end of the day, by babysitting, you can make a huge difference in a child (and family’s life). It can have great influence on a child growing up, learning, and developing, and can also really positively impact parents who may need a break, time to focus on a job event, or otherwise.

Students can learn a lot when babysitting

Babysitting gives you an opportunity, outside of school to build work experience on your own time, learning responsibility and (young) people management skills! These things can help students further as the look into their careers, helping show initiative and responsibility. Aside from this, working with kids may be directly applicable to some students career goals. For example, those studying Early Childhood Education or Teaching, even Pediatrics, can benefit from working with kids as a babysitter.

Babysitting and studying abroad

Babysitting can also be a great option for students studying abroad to work part time or casually next to their study. In some cases, there may also be the potential to do a hybrid form of babysitting as an au pair. Here students studying abroad could potentially combine that study with taking care of children. In the form of an au pair, the extra benefit is that they would generally have free housing and meals provided by the host family.

Luckily, with Babysits, it's easy to search for babysitting work no matter where you are. You can use your account to find work in New Zealand AND you can use the same account to find babysitting work in any of the other 38+ countries where Babysits is located. Simply, search for a city in another country on the search page.

(Do be aware when studying and working abroad, to take into account the laws in the country regarding working. This may depend on what visa you have.)

How to search for a babysitting job as a student?

So, you know some of the reasons why babysitting is a great student job, but how do you search for a babysitting job as a student?

Here are some great places to get started searching for a babysitting job as a student:

  • Ask around: friends, family, teachers etc.
  • Create a profile and search on Babysits

Asking friends, family and more

Your own network can be a great way to find a babysitting job. It can be possible to find babysitting work via friends or friends of friends or family members, and even in some cases teachers. If you have a positive relationship with someone then it can't hurt to ask if they have any ideas regarding babysitting work.

Use Babysits to find a babysitting job

Outside of connections, Babysits is a fantastic resource to find babysitting jobs! You can create an account and get in touch with thousands of parents across the country (and world depending on where you are looking), for free.

Finding a babysitting job is as simple as:

  1. Signing up and creating an account,
  2. Searching in your desired area,
  3. And contacting parents to plan appointments.

All in all, babysitting is a perfect, balanced side job for students, so why not get started now! For more about how Babysits works read this page here and to sign up, simply visit this page.