Babysitters and Nannies Providing After School Care

Babysitters and Nannies Providing After School Care

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Looking for after school care? Many of Babysits’ babysitters and nannies can help with that! Learn more about how babysitters and nannies can solve your after school care needs and find the perfect babysitter for you.

Any time school starts coming back around, there’s one thing on many parents’ minds. How can I coordinate after school care?

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Want to learn more about how babysitters and nannies can provide great after school care services? Read on below!

After School Care with Babysitters and Nannies

There are many different types of after school care providers. Babysitters, nannies, and the other childcare options on Babysits are a very versatile option for after school care!

Babysitters as after school care

Here are some benefits of babysitters as after school care:

  • Pick up Babysitters can be a great resource to pick up your kids from school and care for them at your house until you return home. This removes the potential hassle of still having to pick up your child from school or another location.

  • One-on-one care Babysitters can provide one on one after school care, giving your child all of the attention they want and need.

  • Flexibility Babysitters generally have relatively flexible schedules. This can help when you may need occasional after school care on an on-call basis (for example, if you unexpectedly need to work later).

  • Extra help Babysitters and nannies can often help with extra tasks or responsibilities, feeding your child, helping with homework or laundry, or running small errands.

Some other forms of childcare that can provide after school care are nannies and parents-help-parents.

Nannies as after school care

Nannies can provide a valuable form of after school care for children. Often with very consistent schedules, nannies can provide constant support for families in the form of after school care. Depending on the nanny and the situation, they can provide childcare support in many other forms as well. For example, doing drop off and pick up, escorting children to and from school.

Nannies may also live in the same house as the family, in which case, they can really become an extension of the family and provide round the clock care for kids.

Parents-help-parents: Finding other parents to help with after school care

Another great after school care option is parents-help-parents! Parents help parents is an option that we have here at Babysits where parents can work together to share their childcare burdens. It can be a great option for parents who may have flexible schedules. In this case, on some weekdays one parent may be able to pick up all of the children from school and provide after school care until the other parent is ready. Then on other weekdays, the parents can switch roles, with the other parent potentially working longer while the children are cared for by the other.

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