Welcome Spring with this Racing Frogs DIY

Welcome Spring with this Racing Frogs DIY

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Spring is almost here! What better way to celebrate it than a fun and quick DIY your kids will love?

For this craft, you will only need paper, some markers, scissors, and glue.

DIY supplies

The Jumping Frog

To make a cute jumping origami frog, you'll need a square piece of paper. We used a coloured A4, but you can use whatever thin paper you have handy. To make it into a square, take the corner of one of the short sides and fold it across to the other side.

How to make a paper square

Then cut or tear away the remaining strip, and voilà!


We used PPO's tutorial How To Make a Paper Jumping Frog to create the frog, the steps are few and easy to follow, but Gary Easy Origami has an even simpler tutorial.

Once you're done folding, decorate it however you want and your frog is ready to jump!

paper frog with markers

The Waterlily

Fold an A4 sheet of paper twice and, with the help of a bowl, trace a quarter of a circle. This will help you decide how big your flower is going to be.

With a pencil, draw the petals and cut the outline of the waterlily.

Tracing a circle

After opening it, put the bowl in the middle and trace the full circumference, then make small cuts until the line every two petals.

Crafting the flower

Fold them upwards, and glue the edges to the surrounding petals to make a landing plaform for the frogs.
We used some of the leftover paper from the frog to decorate the waterlily. Be as creative as you want!


Fold another piece of paper like the one before, cut out a circle and make a slit on one side. Glue it to the bottom of the flower: the leaf is going to help the flower stay in place.

Waterlily leaf

Now you’re ready to play!

How to play

Decide where your starting line is going to be and position your frogs. 3,2,1… Start! Press the bottom of the frog to make it jump. The first to make it to the flower wins.

Origami frogs DIY

Happy playing!

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