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My name is Kim, and I am a 27 year old who just moved from Canada to Christchurch on a 3 year work visa. I love kids and have been babysitting since I was 13 years old. I have experience looking after newborns all the way to school aged children.

I am a confident, reliable, trustworthy and fun babysitter that always goes the extra mile. I am a big lover of the outdoors, and love..

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  • Pet lover
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  • Loves outdoors
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  • English


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  • April 2019 Danielle Greene is a Friend

    I have known Kimberly for almost 6 years. She was a tenant in my basement apartment when she started college.

    I could honestly not ask for a better tenant and friend. My sons were ages 7 and 8 when she came to our home. She was absolutely wonderful with them, assisting me with parenting. My sons loved Kim, her care and concern for their health and well-being was outstanding.

    She is intelligent, reliable and without a doubt one of the most outstanding young women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Any child and family would be lucky to have her be a part of their life. She has so much to offer.

  • April 2019 Katie is a Family member


    To whom in may concern,

    I am writing to recommend Kimberly to your nanny agency.

    I have known Kimberly for the last 6 years since just before my first son was born. I have a son (aged 5.5 years) and daughter (aged 2.5 years) whom have been a part of Kimberly’s life since they were first born. She has become such a well loved member of our family for how well she loves and interacts with my children.

    It was clear to me from the very beginning how much Kimberly loved children. She was always able to comfort my children from infancy as she has a very maternal touch. As they’ve grown, she’s always able to engage them by playing with them and appealing to their inquisitive nature. All the while, she’s able to maintain good boundaries with them to be a positive role model.

    More specifically, my son is extremely high energy and emotional, and Kimberly both knows how to keep him busy and make him feel good about himself by occupying him with fun, thoughtful tasks and positively reinforcing wanted behaviours.

    It should also be known that Kimberly is very respectful and courteous of my wishes when she watches my children. She asks questions to make sure I feel comfortable leaving them in her care and follows any instructions I may have.

    I feel that any family would truly be lucky to have Kimberly as their nanny and the children would be gaining another very important, loving and memorable person to their lives.




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