Paper Garland

Paper Garland

By Babysits
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From origami to airplanes, there are tons of DIYs that we can make just using paper! So, here is a DIY paper garland for young and old, which can be customized to your own inspiration and creativity.

There is nothing easier than making this paper garland to decorate your home. Adaptable according to your preferences, your inspiration, and the interior decoration of your house, it is an economical and infinitely customizable DIY (and great accessory for a social event).

In order to make it, you need the following:

  • colored pieces of paper or pieces of paper with patterns (if you feel bold or creative, you can also draw your own patterns on the paper!)

  • a pair of scissors

  • string or ribbon

  • glue

Pieces of paper for DIY garland

Cut the pieces of paper into several triangles of the same size (you can also cut them into circles, clouds, stars, and more). Next, cut a piece of string or ribbon the length that you want the garland to be. Finally, just glue the pieces of paper to the string or ribbon and let dry.

DIY Paper Garland

All that is left is to find a place where you can hang your paper garland. You can make them to prepare for a specific event like a birthday or just as a fun activity to do while babysitting.

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